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How To Make Your Employees Happier

Happy employees create happy customers! Many might say that a key to a successful business is making your customers happy, but forget a major point, that the path to your customers passes through your employees and those are the most important asset you’ve got. So, their happiness is what should be well taken care of.


There are enormous benefits of building a team of happier employees. One major advantage is increased productivity.

It’s been scientifically proven that a person who enjoys her work would tend to be more efficient and effective. A positive mindset would help get the work done smoothly and be a hub for creative ideas and strategies. Happiness is contagious. Passionate employees are a driving force behind the success of a business. They maintain a good relationship with the customers, act as a role model to their fellow workers and encourage everybody on the team to do well. They increase the morale of the team and push them to perform better. Encouraging and fostering a happy work environment inspires employees to take joy in their work and it fosters a team spirit. Apart from that, it builds trust and understanding. It makes the employee feel that the company believes in them. A supportive work environment encourages the team to learn from their mistakes rather than fear them. A scared employee would be afraid to commit mistakes, and in turn, miss important learning opportunities. Because, growth can only come from learning, and to learn they need to make mistakes. On the other hand, a stressed or unhappy employee is a burden that hinders growth, stifles job performance and creativity. And, they are more likely to leave. Employee turnover is a costly job. No team wants their good employees to leave with their experience and knowledge. It takes time and effort to train new hires, and as a team, one would want to stick with their employees as long as possible.


The first step to make your employees happier is by being more inclusive – if the workplace is a safe space, employees feel more at ease and calm. Another thing is to try to delegate without micromanaging. Trust your employees and give them more opportunities to work where you value their input, and not just dictate work. Leaders have to realize that a team works by listening to all. To make employees happier, you need to be more receptive to their ideas, ask them their opinions on areas that need work, and help them improve their skills in designated areas. These small interactions go a long way and motivate them to deliver more. There are multiple things a leader can do to make their employees feel better in the workplace. Go the extra mile in knowing the employees personally, providing perks, encouraging breaks, making the workplace more diverse, and more. On these grounds, our experts in the field of Talent Development & Transformation at Shoonyas have come up with a 7-point checklist that has been proved to make employees happier in every workspace.

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