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  • Leaders are the backbone of any organization. It is up to them to take the organization to the next level.

  • They are the ones who face clients, juniors, and senior management, the 3 main stakeholders of the organizations.

  • Shoonyas helps these leaders by offering engaging on-demand, immersive, and cohort-based learning.

  • Our learning solutions and strategic partnership, helps us to equip our clients with the tools helping them build a next-in-line workforce, increase employee engagement, and achieve business outcomes.

  • We tailor learning to our clients’ needs, so we can deliver the right learning experience to the right people in the right format.​

Next-in-Line Leadership Development

Uniqueness of our Program

A Perfect Blend of Individualised as well as Group Learning Sessions

Importance of Next-in-Line Leaders in an Organization

  1. Face For The Clients


Program Details

  • Customized Learning Journey for the next-in-line leaders/managers helping them strengthen their leadership abilities and advance their growth journey.

  • Fixed number of participants (10-15).

  • Provision of business-relevant case studies, handouts, and action plans.

  • Customized topics according to the roles and expectations of the participants.

  • Individual development along with the power of group learning.

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Shoonyas - Deep Work Lab

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Pune – 411040

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