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Client Experience

Next-in-Line Development Program

Hiren Vora

Sr. Manager

The 1 to 1 sessions made me feel relaxed. Meghnand has got the ability to connect with you at a personal level. He made me realize the things I needed to work on and guided me on how can I improve.

Lokesh Gupta

Asst. Director

The entire program was very well organized, and it was very well structured. The program touches upon all the 3 core areas of management i.e, Managing Self, Team, & Work. The 1 to 1 sessions have helped me go from clutter to clarity

Anurag Hans

Sr. Manager

This entire program helped me realize a lot of things I have been doing incorrectly. Meghnand helped me figure out the most efficient & sophisticated ways to consciously go to the minute details in the style of work which can really turn around things positively. The Deep Breadth technique has been very useful to me lately & it has helped me calm down when necessary.

Business Development

Pravin Jawarkar

Product Sales Manager

The overall program was designed according to our day-to-day requirements for Professional Growth as well as Personal Growth. As team Shoonyas say, Enabling your journey from GOOD to GREAT and I personally feel implementing all things Meghnand has taught us will take us from Good to Great level.

Parag Rathi


We organized Business Development training for the CA’s freshers in order to make them understand the science behind digging deep for getting cross-sales opportunities & convert them into new sales. Meghnand helped us understand the ways & techniques to identify new opportunities, & converting them.

Snehal Mate

Inside Sales Specialist

The program was fantastic. In the daily circus of our life we often tend to forget the real purpose of our life, this program has made me realize my purpose and had helped me get back on track with what I have started with & where I have to go.

Shailesh Rathi


We organized coaching sessions for our manager's team. Meghnand made us realize that selling is nothing but helping client buy. Identification of clients' needs & pain points was the most crucial learning in the entire program.

Managerial Development

Vaishali Kharde

They take practical approach not the theoretical one. For me the Team Building was the main takeaway from the session. Understanding how to connect more with your team & the art behind bringing out the best of self & team is what a manager needs to learn.

Swapnil Palod

It is one of the best platform for leaning where all the professionals coming from different background get together & share their experience & learn many new things from Shoonyas Team. A great way of Learning Via Sharing

Business Trainings

Dipali Dongare


Helped me gel well with my fellow team members & made me more confident in order to take the decisions I didn't used to be sure about. The take-away for me from this program is the Deep-Breadth Technique, the most effective relaxant

Piyush Kapadia

Manager- R&D

Helped me gain clarity in my personal goals and visions. The most highlighted part for me was Understanding the importance of Management & Not Over-Committing the of work.  

Holistic Health

Pooja Rathi

It was an amazing session with Nilima & Meghnand. Learned that we need to give attention consciously to the things we are working on in order to attain maximum productivity. Those who wish to bring a change to their lives must definitely attend this session.

Nirmani Arora


Got to learn many new things. Most importantly understood the importance of meditation& the secret of how is it linked to our daily productivity. A great session that will definitely help one attain a proper Work-Life Balance.

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