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In today’s fast-paced & competitive world, we often forget to take care of our own selves.


Long working hours, untimely consumption of food, and lack of sleep, along with a lot of issues with today’s working class leds to being unfit, & far away from being healthy.


In order to keep up with this world, taking care of ourselves is the need of the hour & change in our habits is a necessity.


We care for you and we have collaborated with a Holistic Health Coach, Nilima Dungarwal for the same & have launched the project Consciouss- The SMILEYing You.

What we do?


Emotional Intellegenge & Mind Management


From Clutter to Clarity

Office - Serving Globally

Shoonyas - Deep Work Lab

5, Ram Nivas, Lulla Nagar,

Pune – 411040


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