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Holistic Health Coach

Ms. Nilima Dungarwal

Academic and Certification strengths

Nilima Dungarwal is the Co-Founder of Shoonyas & Consciouss- The SMILEYing You.


A Pharmacist by profession who studied the science of body & medicines in detail.


Nilima has completed her B.Pharmacy from PRCOP Loni &  M.Pharmacy from BITS-Pilani.

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Post completing her education, she came to the understanding that each & every allopathy drug has some or other side effects hence she decided not to consume any type of medications hereon.

One fine day she attended a seminar on Mind-Body-Medicine which opened up to her as a secret that our human body (except teeth) is made up in such a way that it has the ability to heal on its own. This fact made a great impact on her as she made her way into wellness. 

To get cured is all in our minds. Mindset plays the biggest role in our health.

Want to know more about Nilima, you can visit 
Consciouss- The SMILEYing You.

Office - Serving Globally

Shoonyas - Deep Work Lab

5, Ram Nivas, Lulla Nagar,

Pune – 411040


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