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Mindset Development Professional,

Dr. Yash Velankar

Academic and Certification strengths

A thorough mindfulness master, Dr. Yash Velankar is a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counseling, Masters in philosophy, certified in Meditation Therapy, and B.A.M.S.

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Unique mastery and benefits for businesses

In single breath answer – MINDFULNESS COACHING. It helps leaders, business decision-makers, and key executives to improve focus, reduce distractions, manage stress, and improve productivity.

Business impact until now


Dr. Velankar has coached leaders and executives from industry leading companies, such as, Crompton, Mahindra automobiles, BARC, BAJAJ Group, etc as well as numerous SMEs.

Contributions to share thought leadership

Authored nine books until now.  Notably, few of them are award winning in psychology domain.

Dr. Velankar also delivers seminars at prestigious forums and shares his wisdom through group talks. He has also designed a very impactful mindfulness app (SIPE) for ease of users. 

Personal belief about what makes a business successful


Dr Velankar advocates, “Vision, empathic leadership, and team building.”

Personal interests – beyond the profession

Reading, writing, travelling, and knowing new people.

Office - Serving Globally

Shoonyas - Deep Work Lab

5, Ram Nivas, Lulla Nagar,

Pune – 411040


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